Big decisions after A-level results

Two girls hugging after receiving  exam results

Did a teenager in your house get their A-level results yesterday?

After an anxious wait, the envelopes were opened yesterday and big decisions might now need to be made.

A BBC News apprentice shares her top tips here for getting through the day here:

And if the results aren’t quite what they’d hoped for, this helpful article shows why the Ucas clearing system isn’t the end of the world:

If your son and daughter are going to university, they will receive lots of messages about registration, module choices, accommodation and welcome week information as soon as the place is confirmed.

Most universities have a dedicated website and moderated Facebook group for new students so they can get to know their university and fellow students before they even set foot in the building.

For more detailed information about accommodation, finance and student life in general, online resources are a big help.

Here are some top ones: