Make sure you can vote in an election

A general election may not on the cards just yet – but it’s time to make sure you’re on the electoral register for when the inevitable does happen.

The annual canvas of households is now under way and residents in North Somerset who are eligible to vote need to inform North Somerset Council.

A hand dropping a ballot paper into a ballot box

The council needs to know who lives at your address and if any residents have moved in or out since last year.

Letters were sent out to households recently and now is the time to reply if you haven’t already.

It takes just a few minutes to do it online, following the instructions on the form.

Last year the council spent about £20,000 employing canvassers to check on addresses that hadn’t responded.

This was in addition to the extra costs of printing and posting the follow-up letters to chase households who’d ignored the first form.

Help reduce the cost this year by responding promptly.

If you have any questions email