Latest on council services

Essential council services are still being delivered across North Somerset.

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Recycling and waste:

Thank you to everyone for continuing to recycle and helping crews by keeping boxes clean and tidy.

Well-sorted recycling boxes are key to collecting everyone’s recycling every week.

Grouping materials in the box means it is much easier and quicker for crews to collect and it could make the difference between it taking two minutes or 20 seconds.

Find out what goes in each box at

A lot of cardboard is being generated at this time so please fold it so that it fits into your recycling box. If it doesn’t, consider holding some back for the next collection.

And remember, while we’re still in the pandemic, you need to put all used tissues in bin bags, double-bagged and left for 72 hours (three full days) before putting them in your black bin for collection.

Please also park your cars sensibly. If a recycling truck can’t get through, then neither can an emergency vehicle.

Recycling centres remain closed so keep hold of any items that you would have taken there. Fly-tipping is illegal, and this includes leaving bags outside charity shops.

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More and more people are discovering a wide range of digital resources and materials they can access from home through North Somerset’s library service.

Library buildings may have temporarily closed their doors but the number of people joining the service has increased by 138 per cent.

As well as free eBooks and eMagazines, members can download free audio books on their phones, PCs or tablets.

Other free online resources include Ancestry for family history research, the Encyclopedia Britannica which is useful for school projects, and The Times digital newspaper archive. Classical music fans also now have free access to

To help meet this increased demand, an additional 544 titles have been added in the last week.

Join online at

More information on the digital resources available can be found at and

For more advice, you can still contact the library service at or 01934 426 834


Breastfeeding support:

New mums looking for help with breastfeeding can get online advice and support about feeding their baby through private social media groups.

More than 60 breastfeeding support volunteers from across North Somerset are going online to answer questions from new (or not so new) mums.

In each area of North Somerset there is a closed Facebook group providing reassurance, information and support for common concerns and questions that mums might have.

Volunteers are also trying to be online at the times of their usual weekly group so all mums can join in, even if they don’t have a question about breastfeeding.

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