Discover North Somerset delights

North Somerset is special – we love it and want to showcase everything it has to offer.

This month North Somerset Council has launched its ‘We ♥ North Somerset’ campaign to champion the natural environment, rich history, local events and businesses that make the area so special.

With the ongoing presence of coronavirus,  more and more people are now exploring the local area and enjoying what is right on our doorstep.

So why not visit a nearby place you haven’t been to before, buy from North Somerset retailers and enjoy getting to know the area better?

Supporting these local businesses and attractions – while following Covid safety measures – ensures money stays in the local economy and helps friends and families to stay in employment.

Spending time outdoors is also great for our physical and mental health and much of what is on offer can be accessed on foot or bike.

This will help to make us fitter, healthier and more able to fight the virus, as well as reducing our carbon footprint.

Plan ahead wherever you go, though, and check the relevant website for your destination for opening or ticket information.  Be prepared that hot spots could be busy and facilities may be closed or have reduced access.

Remember, also, that the new limit of six people from multiple households gathering socially comes into force on Monday.

Information about new events and activities for the We ♥ North Somerset campaign will be announced over the next four months, so follow North Somerset Council on Facebook and Twitter for the latest updates.

The Know Your Place North Somerset Facebook page is also delving more into the history of the area.

Did you know there are more than 10,000 recorded archaeological sites and buildings of local interest in North Somerset – ranging from Iron Age hillforts, Second World War pill boxes, medieval farmsteads and Roman villas, to Victorian seaside paraphernalia?

If you run a local businesses or organise events and want to get involved in the We ♥ North Somerset campaign, email for more information.