Help for vulnerable people


A network of dedicated volunteers continues to offer their time to help North Somerset residents get the help and support they need.

Local community groups helping residents through the pandemic are on-hand for anyone who has no support from family or friends or who is socially isolated.

Find details of your local group at or call 01934 427 437.

About two million vulnerable people had to shield – stay at home – during the last lockdown.

This time round, the aim is to strike a balance between practical measures to keep people safe while reducing the harm caused to their wellbeing and mental health.

People are not being asked to shield in the same way but the clinically extremely vulnerable, including organ transplant patients and people with certain cancers, have been told to take extra care to minimise contact with others.

This includes working from home and not going to shops or pharmacies. Exercising and going to school is still allowed.

Those who are clinically extremely vulnerable can get access to priority supermarket deliveries by registering with the National Shielding Support Service.

The government has also updated its advice about visiting care homes.

This includes homes installing floor-to-ceiling screens, visitor pods and window visits. The government says this will give people more opportunities to visit loved ones.

However, some of these suggestions might be impractical for care homes to carry out and some charities have said they are too restrictive too restrictive.

North Somerset Council is working with care providers to help them work through how they can offer safe visiting opportunities for their residents. 

The council is recommending every home looks at its own circumstances and continues to assess the risk to residents and visitors, so wherever possible they can allow safe visiting within their settings. 

The council is encouraging visits to continue where it is safe and appropriate, with homes reviewing their individual policies each week and making changes if they feel it’s needed. 

If you have a relative or friend in a care home check arrangements before visiting.