Have your say on new anti-social behaviour orders

New orders to help tackle anti-social behaviour and make public spaces more welcoming are being proposed. 

North Somerset Council is planning to introduce a number of new and amended Public Space Protection Orders (PSPOs) in response to concerns from residents and businesses about community safety issues in their area.

PSPOs are an important tool in tackling anti-social behaviour. They were first introduced in 2017 to deter individuals or groups of people from committing anti-social behaviour in public places.

Now, a number of new orders are proposed to allow the council and its partners, such as the police, to deal more effectively with a wider range of anti-social behaviour issues in public spaces.

These include inconsiderate parking, aggressive begging, nuisance noise and anti-social driving.

There are also proposed changes to the PSPOs on council buildings and sites, children’s play areas and skate parks, and a number of dog control PSPOs aimed at encouraging responsible dog ownership.

The new orders also include local public spaces, such as no swimming at Abbots Pool nature reserve in Abbots Leigh.

The council was forced to close the pool in the summer following concerns for public health and issues with environmental damage and anti-social behaviour.

See a map of current PSPOs on the council’s website.

View all proposed new orders and have your say online.

The consultation closes on Sunday 3 January.