Protecting health and wellbeing

Winter is coming and with lockdown returning, the risks of social isolation will be greater.

Everyone spends more time indoors over winter but now it’s more important than ever to keep in touch with anyone who might be struggling.

Please check-in on vulnerable family members, friends and neighbours to make sure they have the support they need.

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Support for businesses and employees

Advice and support is available for businesses at risk of closure and anyone facing financial hardship as a result of the coronavirus pandemic.

North Somerset Council is committed to protecting jobs and strengthening the local economy in a sustainable way.

A range of free information, advice and guidance is available to those businesses at risk of making redundancies.

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Working together to reduce the spread

Residents in North Somerset have shown resilience and community spirit during the pandemic but we must all continue to do everything possible to protect our families, friends and neighbours.

Cases are rising fast locally so the council was already in discussions with neighbouring councils, partners in health and social care, and the government about moving into a higher alert level.

Yesterday (Sunday), the latest reported rate of infection in North Somerset was 151.6 per 100,000 people, with 326 new cases confirmed in the previous seven days.

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Coronavirus cases rising in North Somerset

Confirmed cases of coronavirus are increasing in North Somerset so everyone needs to do their bit to help prevent the spread of infection.

During the summer there were very low case rates locally but earlier this week North Somerset had the highest rate of confirmed cases in the South West, 20.5 per 100,000 population.

This is slightly above the national average of 16 per 100,000 people.

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