Keep your wellbeing in check

If you’re feeling pressurised and stressed since the new lockdown began, you are not alone.

Many people are feeling overwhelmed and anxious as they try to juggle various roles, whether working from home and home schooling simultaneously or continuing in a front-line job.

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Stark reality of coronavirus brought to life

Short films depicting the stark reality of the coronavirus pandemic have been released to urge people to protect each other during the festive season

The hard-hitting films portray the real-life experiences of local people who are suffering the effects of the pandemic and have been released by health and care leaders across the Bristol, North Somerset and South Gloucestershire (BNSSG) area.

Covid Stories, put together by the Healthier Together Partnership, include two who sadly lost loved ones to coronavirus.

The stories aim to remind people of the continued impact of coronavirus being felt right across the community and the need to protect loved ones this Christmas as North Somerset moves into Tier 2.

Rehabilitation support worker Denise Lynham works in North Somerset for Sirona care and health, which provides adult and children’s community health services across BNSSG.

Denise lost her husband Steve to coronavirus earlier this year.

She said: “I didn’t get a chance to have a proper goodbye. Steve had no dignity at the end of his life and we’ve been left with a gaping hole in our family.

“I want to share our story and support this campaign because I think people need to be reminded that this virus is real, anyone can get it and it’s so important that we continue to do our best and follow the rules, especially over Christmas and for as long as we need to.

“It’s a lot easier than losing a loved one and going through what my family have this year.”

(Denise, North Somerset)

Imogen Poulter is a care home worker in Weston-super-Mare who witnessed first-hand the impact on staff and residents.

Imogen said: “I think it’s really important that people realise actually how badly you can be affected by Covid.

“I think that taking more precautions out in the community and not going out if you don’t have to will help. It won’t just help you, it helps other people.”

(Imogen and Marianne, North Somerset)

Denise and Imogen’s films are available to watch on the Healthier Together website, along with others.

All films were videoed according to strict coronavirus safety rules, with some shot by a professional cameraman and others recorded selfie-style or online using video conferencing.

(Abdul, Bristol)

(Mark, South Gloucestershire)

What does Tier 3 mean for North Somerset?


Restrictions to daily life will continue in North Somerset next week after the Government announced yesterday the area will go into a very high level of alert – Tier 3 – at the end of lockdown.

The move is part of the Government’s winter plan to reduce the spread of coronavirus.

Local data shows the four-week lockdown had a positive impact so everyone is urged to continue their ‘hands, face and space’ efforts to reduce the spread, keep local rates coming down, and help us move into a lower tier as soon as possible.

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Maintaining good physical and mental health through winter

Maintaining a good level of physical and mental health is more important than ever before as the winter sets in.

Cases of coronavirus in North Somerset are still high and this winter will be very difficult for many as restrictions continue to curtail ordinary life.

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Nearly half a million pounds for walk and cycle routes

Almost half a million pounds has been granted to North Somerset Council to create permanent walking and cycling routes and socially-distanced environments.

New shared-access routes will be built next year in Weston-super-Mare and Clevedon thanks to an additional £473,750 from the Government.

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